A London Overture for a London Band!

Fulham Brass Band are getting ready for the London & Southern Counties Area contest at the the Stevenage Arts and Leisure Centre this Sunday 22nd March 2015. Under the direction of MD John Ward, the band have been working spectacularly hard on Philip Sparke’s piece ‘A London Overture’. The piece is characteristically enjoyable Sparke music, with many challenging elements that are certainly worth the effort!

The adjudicators Michael Fowles and Jim Davies have a busy morning this Sunday, with 15 bands from around the region fighting to display their best efforts to take a prize back to their respective band rooms. As this is the first Area contest for Fulham in the First Section, the band will certainly be hoping to make an impression, and improve on our 7th place at the recent Butlins Contest.

Good Luck Team Fulham! Do follow our Facebook/Twitter page for live updates from the day and keep everything crossed that a central London band can do all they can to perform A London Overture and make London proud!