Fulham members to hit the small screen once again!

Last Thursday, a small selection of Fulham members went up to Southgate to film an advert for a well-known high-end supermarket chain. The line up for the day was ex-MD Simon Jones on cornet,  Chairman Steve Carney on horn, Band Manager Simon Keen on baritone, Contest Secretary Guy Dawes on bass trombone and some help from friend of the band from Avelely and Newham Ed Ashby on Eb Bass. Read on to find out what they got up to on filming day….

‘It was on Thursday. We convened at a Walker Cricket Club in Southgate, on the north east end of the Piccadilly Line. It was 7.30am but the blow was softened by a marvellous fry-up courtesy of the catering double-decker bus.

After a swift pass through make-up (we’re either close to perfection or beyond hope, you decide) we made our way to the set just down the road. The filming was performed in the gardens of a house down the road. They had been setup for a summer garden party, so marquees, trestle tables, cucumber sandwiches, etc.
The morning was spent on the first shot which focused (no pun intended) on the preparations for the party, so waitresses laid tables and musicians prepared themselves. Only three of the five players from Fulham were needed so two of us had a welcome chance to get a bit of extra sleep. Simon Jones was in the first take but was quickly substituted due to some overacting Jack Nicholson would be proud of.
Over lunch the crew worked on the second shot which featured the arrival of Heston. A double was used for the first dozen takes to get everything setup but then the man himself arrived. He seemed like a decent chap and had a quick chat with the band.
The third shot, filmed during the afternoon, featured the party itself where Heston dishes out his creation to the assembled guests. FBB looked very dapper, seated behind the guests with their antique music stands. We were only required to mime so with nothing to coordinate our efforts the end result, if shown at all, could be interesting.
We think the dish is called Strawberry Cream Crunch but are not sure whether it’s a dish you can buy from Waitrose or just a Heston recipe that uses Waitrose’s ingredients. It’s all tied into the Jubilee weekend and should be broadcast in three weeks time.’
Words by Simon Keen