Love blooms at Fulham Christmas Carol gig

pop049It’s not something that we can normally report (and I suspect, for that matter, neither can other brass bands) but love bloomed at one of our extensive programme of Christmas Carol gigs. These included Westfield shopping complex, Parson’s Green, the Elk Bar in Fulham and Somerset House Ice rink.It was during the last Carol concert at Somerset House that the band was approached with rather more excitement than we are generally used to; it transpired that the couple’s heightened emotional state was not as a result of the excellent performance of the players that evening, but rather that her fiance had chosen that moment to propose. I’m sure the band helped somewhat, however.

A nice way to finish Fulham’s Christmas season and extend our best wishes to the happy couple. If, by chance you read this, please contact us – we’d love to run a story.

We would also like to send our best festive wishes to all of our readers. Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year to everyone.