Fulham band appear on Big Brother!

Fulham Brass Band recently appeared on Big Brother – not once but twice in the same week!The band was asked to help the producers with a task they had set the housemates ‘Ignore the Obvious’. In what has been said to be one of the most popular tasks ever set, the housemates had to ignore a whole series of ‘in your face’ events. Fulham Brass Band marched around the Big Brother garden before entering the house and proceeding to play around the living room and kitchen. Our brass band antics appeared on the Big Brother website, went out as edited highlights and also received comment in national newspapers including The Sun.

Later on that week, the band was once again invited to appear live on Big Brother’s Little Brother. An arrangement of the Big Brother theme tune for full brass band went down well as well as ‘Show Me the Way To Amarillo’ and the classic march ‘Colonel Bogey’.