Fulham in Whit Friday Success!

Fulham at Whit Friday

Fulham Band have returned from a highly successful Whit Friday weekend. The band performed at the Whit Walks on Friday morning in Mossley, before taking part in seven contests around Saddleworth and putting on a concert on Saturday afternoon.

The weather returned to its usual Whit Friday brilliance, and the band responded with a string of high quality performances.

Initial results from Whit Friday show Fulham came 2nd in our section at Denshaw.

On Saturday, the band performed their annual free concert at the Grains Bar Hotel in Saddleworth. Despite a bit of rain, an appreciative crowd turned out, and were entertained with a selection of gems from our Summer programme. Some of the crowd even got the chance to try their hand as conductors, with some outstanding natural talent shining through.

The band would like to thank the Grains Bar Hotel and Anderson Travel (and the amazing Debbie the driver) for looking after us so fantastically.

Results from all villages

  • Delph – 44 out of 79 bands
  • Denshaw – 24 out of 49 (2nd in 3rd Section)
  • Diggle – 37 out of 55 (7th in 3rd Section)
  • Dobcross – 55 out of 66
  • Lees – 28 out of 41
  • Lydgate – 40 out of 66
  • Uppermill – 26 out of 62

The band were placed 34th overall for the Saddleworth contests.