All in support of comic relief…

On Wednesday 4th March 2009, members of Fulham Brass were asked by Comic Relief to help them in surprising members of the public on prime time TV.

Five members of Fulham Band were asked to discreetly meet in “Subway” at Victoria (the sandwich shop, not literally the subway!) to suprise members of the public on prime time TV.

Comic Relief have been surprising customers, thanking them for their support. We hid at the back of the shop, waiting in our full band attire, instruments at the ready, ready to pounce on the next unsuspecting customer. We marched out alternating between “Thank You Very Much” (made famous by the Roses advert) and “Congratulation”. The highlight of the morning had to be the sexy man and woman that came out to thank the customers as we were playing. The man certainly made the girls in the bands day! Unfortunately there was so little room where we were hiding he HAD to keep brushing past us, what a nightmare!

The Comic Relief TV show, which was hosted by Fern Britton and Alan Carr, raised millions for good causes. Fulham Brass were asked if we could supply a small group of players to provide some on screen musical entertainment and of course we said yes! Andy Sladen, our principal cornet player quickly arranged some fitting music and the players who got to be seen by millions of prime time TV were:-

Vickie Curran: Cornet

Sophie Abington: Cornet

Ally Crowther: Horn

Emma Metcalfe: Horn

Paul Lynch: Trombone