Bass player scoops recognition award

Fulham Brass has formally recognised Tony Lewington (Bb bass) as the ‘most improved player’ over the last 12 months with the presentation of an award.

Before presenting Tony with the award, it was recognised by the Musical Director that the band as a whole had made significant progress over the last 12 months and Tony in particular had shown marked development since he first picked up the Bb bass only 12 months ago!

Player recognition awards are usually made at the band AGM. However, the Committee made a decision to bring forward the presentation of the ‘most improved player’ shield to before the area contest this year.

The task of producing a shortlist and selecting a winner was the responsibility of the Musical Director, Simon Jones. Here was the shortlist:

Mike Boyd (cornet)

Linda Tibbetts (horn)

Rachel Summers (baritone)

Tony Lewington (Bb bass) *2008 WINNER*

Peter Drew (percussion)

The band now look forward to casting thier own votes for the ‘player of the year’ award that is presented at the band AGM in April.