Fulham all set for Butlins weekend

Fulham Brass Band have entered the Butlins Mineworkers contest to be held in Skegness on Saturday 17th January 2009.The band will take part in the 3rd section playing a set piece ‘Haydock Variations’ by Stuart Pullin. The contest attracts brass bands from all over the country. The standard of playing is usually very high due to the preparation that bands put in to try and grab a small share of the £28,000 prize money on offer.

As well as a full day on Saturday of bands in 4 sections playing set test pieces, there is an entertainment contest on Sunday featuring those bands in the ‘championship’ section. Here, each band will play a 20 minute programme (music of their own choosing) in an attempt to impress the audiences and judges.


A recording of the work from the composers website: http://www.myspace.com/stuartpullinsmusic