Fulham enter Leicester contest

In preparation for the Leicester contest on 16th November, we would like to welcome some new players into the band: David Horden helps out on solo trombone and Dan Corfield joins on backrow cornet. The band is also pleased to borrow Steve Munn (Eb bass) and Adam Gale (Bb bass) for this contest.

Contesting is as old as brass banding itself: a number of bands come together at different contests around the country and play against each other for points. The band that receive the highest number of points (given for musical accuracy, sound and interpretation) win the contest! At each contest event, the bands are divided into sections and this is based upon their past successes – much like a football league.

In certain contests each band in a particular section must play the same piece of music. In other contests, the band is allowed to choose their own piece of music. Leicester is an ‘own choice’ contest but we aren’t allowed to tell you what piece we will playing until the actual day!

Points are allocated by an adjudicator(s) who don’t know at the time which band they are listening to (they sit in a tented ‘box’ for the duration of the contest). The order that the bands play is decided by a draw immediately before the section starts.